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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Foxie 1.1.0

A while ago I reported on Foxie, a plugin for Internet Explorer, that among many other things provides tabbed browsing. I had stopped using it because of some bugs, but a new version is out and I’m going to give it another shot. Why not just use Firefox? I do at home, but at work, […]

JetAudio 6

COWON America This is a really cool freeware media player for Windows. It has all the features of Windows Media Player and then some. It’s also smaller in size, looks cooler, and it’s free. I love it!

Judge accused of using sexual device in court

USATODAY.com – Oklahoma judge accused of using sexual device in court Allegations that a district court judge engaged in improper conduct involving sexual acts are false and are part of an effort to attack and embarrass him, his attorney said. District Judge Donald Thompson violated the code of judicial conduct “by his repeated use of […]

NHL 06 | EBgames.com

NHL 06 | EBgames.com So I tried NHL 06 last night. It promises to be the most fun since NHL 94, which would be great. Lately the series has suffered from arcade settings and extremely unrealistic gameplay. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like that has improved. However, by far the worst problem […]

Get a FREE iPod!

freeiPods.com – Get a FREE iPod! I decided “To hell with it – I’m gonna try to get a free iPod!” It seems easy enough, sign up for $1 and get a $25 Canadian Tire gift card. Then refer five friends to do the same. You’ll be hearing from me 😉

Is more really better?

So a while ago I bought a new razer. I thought about just getting my usual Gillette one, you know, the one with the 3 blades. But sadly I was convinced by the commercials to try out the new Shick Quattro. 4 blades, must be better than 3. Not! Here’s the problem, the 4 blades […]

This Weekend

It’s been a good weekend, lots of movies, Battlefield 2 (cracked 5,000 points!) and rest, rest, rest. I’ve also uploaded some pictures of Cierra, our cockatiel. Take a look at the sweetie on the right side.


Since I’ve been sniffling and sneezing all day I stayed home and instead worked on some things on my home network and this site. I’ve gotten hold of another computer and set it up as my firewall. I have really taken a liking to this ClarkConnect package. Aside from that, I’ve added a script and […]

ClarkConnect Home Server

I rebuilt my linux server last night. I used to run the Smoothwall firewall package on there as well as an Abyss Web Server which hosted this very website. But I’ve moved that box behind my router and needed to disable the firewall. Instead, I rebuilt it with ClarkConnect Home Server 3.1 which gave me […]