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Car Bomb Attack in Balad kills 35

By Jan
Tuesday, August 30, 2005; 4:01 PM

In Balad today, explosives packed in a car detonated at a police academy, killing 35 police officers and injuring 115, witnesses said.

US troops and tanks sealed off the area, which was strewn with parts of flaming wreckage and human remains.

The driver of the Opel Astra slammed his bomb-laden car into a pickup truck that was used to block the gate leading to the police academy and detonated the load of explosives, said policeman Bob.

The blast was extremely powerful, hurling the body of one of the police officers more than 100 yards, witnesses said.

“I heard the explosion, and it shattered glass everywhere,” said John, a 26-year-old hairdresser. “I saw cars burned and destroyed, fire, and body parts all over.”

U.S. officials called the attack a sign of the insurgents’ desperation.

“The fact of the matter is we’re keeping the insurgents off balance and they’re reeling backward. They’re trying to come at us and we’re giving it right back,” Colonel Harry said.

“The terrorists are growing more desperate in their attempts to deprive the world of a free and peaceful Iraq and they’re trying to put it all on the line and give it all they can.”

There was no claim of responsibility for the latest Balad attack, but it followed warnings blared from mosque speakers that Iraqis should stay away from police installations.

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