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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Car Bomb Attack in Balad kills 35

By Jan Reuters Tuesday, August 30, 2005; 4:01 PM In Balad today, explosives packed in a car detonated at a police academy, killing 35 police officers and injuring 115, witnesses said. US troops and tanks sealed off the area, which was strewn with parts of flaming wreckage and human remains. The driver of the Opel […]

Knife & Pistol Badge

I made it my mission today to get the knife and the pistol badge in BF2. Each requires 7 kills with the respective weapon. It was easier than I thought! I actually ended up with a pretty good round and a score of over 50. Battlefield 2


Just last night, playing BF2, I died in such a stupid fashion I wanted to smack myself. I was taking over a flag and had placed C4 by the entrance in case any vehicles came. I was lying with my M4 out, waiting for the flag to go up. Then I hear an APC coming […]

BF2 Signature

Sig Maker Needs Work – Total Battlefield 2 Forums So I thought this was pretty neat. I’ve always liked cool looking signature images but my photoshop skills are a little lacking. Here’s what the dude from the forum came up with for me. I like the slogan 😉 Battlefield 2

Google Talk

Google Talk Google has released yet another app, this time a chat program. Even though I don’t remember the last time I spent any serious time on a chat program, I can’t resist trying anything Google puts out… now it’s just a matter of converting all my backwards 😉 friends from MSN and Hotmail to […]