Jan Ole Peek

Lance Corporal!

Last night my mission was to gain another 150 points to make it across the 1000 mark required to reach the rank of Lance Corporal in Battlefield 2. What’s all the fuss about? When you become Lance Corporal, you get to unlock a new weapon.

Playing with my friend watching over my shoulder, I let my team to a 1-0 defeat as the Commander. That was the most frustrating and incredible thing all at once as we saw the score go from 200-200 to 1-1 and then losing by that 1 point.

One round into the next game, however, I was promoted to Lance Corporal. After logging out and back in I got to choose a new weapon. I chose the new sniper rifle. Why? Sniping is the one area that I have a particularly hard time with so I thought some extra firepower might do the trick. Has it helped? Maybe. It’s hard to tell. It’s still difficult to kill an enemy with a single shot. From a long distance it usually takes at least 2, mostly 3.

So now I’m thinking that maybe instead of trying to eliviate a weakness, I should have bolstered a strength and upgraded my Special Forces or Assault weapon. But what’s done is done is done is done…

Happy Canada Day!

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